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GrowthScout SEO Services is your Reliable Philippines Based Digital Marketing agency offering low cost, client specific and cost effective SEO solutions.

Why GrowthScout Search Engine Optimization Services?

Philippines is a hub for reliable SEO companies and yes, you do got a lot of options around. GrowthScout SEO Services’ competitive edge makes us an absolute great choice as your SEO provider.





SEO Pricing in the Philippines

The common question of interested business owners is “How much does SEO cost?”

Before investing in SEO, one must know and accept that SEO is a long term investment and it doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s why you should hire a Philippines based SEO company:

  • Most (not all) SEO companies abroad charge Initial Campaign Investment or Set Up Fee ranging from $3,000 to $8,000 for several months (usually 2 months).
  • Because everything in the Philippines is more inexpensive (except for cars), making our cost of living cheaper, SEO companies here can definitely charge lower.
  • Filipinos are able to speak and write in English very well. Communication is key in any working relationship, you won’t have a hard time talking to us and we have very talented writers around.

Like I said above, there are many reputable SEO companies in the Philippines. I am not however aware of how much these Philippines based SEO agencies charge but below are just some of them who have posted a range to help business owners get an idea of how much SEO in the Philippines cost.

SEO Hacker

I admire Sean for posting the cost of their SEO services. I think it’s brave for him to do this because his pricing isn’t that inexpensive (it’s relatively higher than what GrowthScout SEO Services charge). I don’t know any other SEO agencies in the Philippines that show their pricing online and I don’t plan on doing the same.

GrowthScout SEO Services Pricing

Local SEO – $400 to $700 per month

National SEO – $500 to $1000 per month

E-Commerce SEO – $750 to $1500 per month

Web Design & Development– $400 to $1000 per month

Content Marketing – $400 to $1000 per month

Social Media Marketing – $400 to $1000 per month

Online Reputation Management– $750 to $1500 per month

A Reputable SEO Company

Backed with more than 10 Years of SEO Experience

Our Head SEO Strategist, Micah de Jesus has been in the underground SEO industry for more than 10 years! Trusted by businesses in Australia, UK, USA and the Philippines.

Genuine. Sincere. Honest.

We have never and will we ever claim that GrowthScout SEO Services is the Best SEO company in the Philippines. We know that this industry requires constant learning and that’s what we are committed to do.

We boast of our SEO strategies and processes that have been proven effective without putting a hole in your pocket. Our genuine interest to help our clients and our respect to our client’s money, time and trust has kept us on our feet in this very competitive SEO industry.

Featured Clients

Below are some of our local clients we helped position their websites on the 1st page of Google through SEO and Content Marketing.


We helped M2.0 Communications, a reputable PR agency based in Quezon City dominate Google’s organic search engine results and local results for competitive industry terms.

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